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2007 | Color | 38 min

In 1937, during the Spanish Civil War, 500 children the sons and daughters of Spanish Republicans´ we displaced from their homes and transferred to Morelia. The Children of Morelia, as they came to be known, grew up in Mexico under the auspices of General Lázaro Cárdenas. After Franco´s death in the mid 1970´s, a number of these children crossed the Atlantic to be reunited with their birthparents. However, many of them weren´t able to relate to their Spanish families and decided to return to Mexico. Doña Amparo Batanero, Don Antonio Aranda, Don José Dobla, and Don Francisco Aramburu are just 4 of the 500 children who had to leave their family and their home. Doña Amalia Solórzano de Cárdenas describes the reasons behind President Cárdenas´ decision to protect these children in Mexico. A story of fate and survival and those who lived through it

Country: Alemania
Direction: Té; Carmen
Script: Té; Carmen
Production: Stangassinge; Evi
Photography: Heinric; Sven
Sound: Polgosky Ezcurra; Eugenio
Music: Markus Kaltschmid; Steffen
Cast:Kronzucker; Dieter
Participation year at FICM: 2007

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