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2004 | Color |

Pedro, who sets great store by his fabulous memory, fails to recognize a couple of teenagers travelling with him in a truck on the way to the market. During the journey, Pedro chats and jokes without realizing that the children he once mistreated and abandoned have come to take revenge

Country: México, Venezuela
Direction: Vigas; Lorenzo
Script: Vigas; Lorenzo
Production: Arriaga; Guillermo, Vigas; Lorenzo
Photography: Ortega; Héctor
Sound: Díaz; Sergio, Hernández; Martín
Cast:Cubero; Gonzalo, Muñoz; Guillermo, Mena; Greisy
Art direction: Colón; Erasmo
Participation year at FICM: 2004

Director Movies

La caja

Hatzín, a teenager from Mexico City, sets out for northern Mexico to collect his father’s remains, which have been found in a mass grave. A chance encounter with a man who bears a physical resemblance to his father fills him with doubt and hope about the man’s true whereabouts.

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From Afar

Middle-aged Armando lures young men to his home with money. He only wants to watch from a strict distance. Armando’s first encounter with street thug Elder is violent, but this doesn’t discourage the lonely man’s fascination with the tough handsome teenager. Financial interest keeps Elder visiting him regularly and an unexpected intimacy emerges. But Armando’s haunted past looms large, and Elder commits the ultimate act of affection on Armando’s behalf.

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