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2014 | Color | 80:00

A poor man in his 70s lives alone in a house on the coast of Mexico. With no deed to the lot where he lives, he watches on in despair as his house is demolished. Little by little he begins to lose his mind. Memories from a past come unbidden and begin to haunt his daily existence. Thus begins a journey into the mountains and the forest in search of faces from his past and echoes of another time, of a younger self.

Country: México
Direction: Pereda; Nicolás
Script: Mendoza; Alejandro
Production: Lenouvel; Thierry, Alvarado; Daniela, San Juan; Edgar
Photography: Romero Suárez; Diego
Sound: Fortiana Chico; Bernat
Cast:Cárdenas; Guadalupe, Rodríguez; Gabino
Art direction: González Martínez; Nohemí
Participation year at FICM: 2014

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