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2012 | Color | 63 min

Fernando and Gabriel are two brothers from a broken home. The anger and sadness that fill the house forces them to escape for a weekend into the woods. Gabriel will witness his eldest brother´s self-destruction.

Country: México
Direction: Delgado Sánchez; Pablo
Script: Delgado Sánchez; Pablo
Production: Ortiz Pichardo; Guillermo
Photography: Ramírez; Juan Pablo
Sound: Quevedo; Alejandro
Cast:Mallé; Claudette, Santoyo Navidad; Gabriel, Álvarez Rebeil; Fernando
Art direction: Campos; Derzu
Participation year at FICM: 2012

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Mario treads two worlds. One, is his new job as a ballet school guard, and the other, is at home with his father, who faces old age and solitude.

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