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2008 | Color | 1h 25 min

In an attempt to escape from a home where sorrow reigns, Juan, a 16-year-old boy, crashes his family´s car. As he scours the city trying to fix the car, he meets Don Heber, an old mechanic whose only companion is Sica, his boxer dog; Lucía a clueless young mother who wants to go to a rock concert; and David, a mechanic obsessed with martial arts. The absurd and bewildering worlds of these characters drag Juan into a one-day journey in which he will come to accept an event as natural and inexplicable as death.

Country: México
Direction: Eimbcke; Fernando
Script: Eimbcke; Fernando, Markovitch; Paula
Production: Bernardo Ramos; Jaime, Valdelièvre; Christian
Photography: Zabé; Alexis
Sound: Diego; Antonio
Cast:Herrera; Héctor, Sefami; Yemil, Valentine; Daniela, Cataño Elizondo; Diego, Lara; Juan Carlos
Art direction: Quiróz; Diana
Participation year at FICM: 2008

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Club Sándwich

Paloma and her son Héctor are on vacation at a hotel by the beach. His activities, which are very similar to those of past years, consist of sunbathing, eating club sandwiches and squeezing his zits. But 14-year-old Héctor’s sexual awakening and his encounter with 16-year-old Jazmín will change the dynamics of the mother–son relationship.

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