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2012 | Color | 60:27 min

Paloma and her son Héctor are on vacation at a hotel by the beach. His activities, which are very similar to those of past years, consist of sunbathing, eating club sandwiches and squeezing his zits. But 14-year-old Héctor’s sexual awakening and his encounter with 16-year-old Jazmín will change the dynamics of the mother–son relationship.

Country: México
Direction: Eimbcke; Fernando
Script: Eimbcke; Fernando
Production: Ramos; Jaime, Valdelièvre; Christian
Photography: Secco; María
Sound: Diego; Antonio
Music: Lara; Camilo
Cast:Giménez Cacho Goded; Lucio, Reynaud Romero; Danae, Politi; Carolina, Arreola; Enrique, Tinajero; Leonel, Prudencio; María Renée
Art direction: Caballero; Eugenio
Participation year at FICM: 2013

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Duck Season

Flama and Moko have everything necessary to survive another boring Sunday: videogames, porn, soft drinks, pizza delivery, and no parents at home. But along comes their neighbor Rita, the pizza guy Ulises, the light company, the soccer game, chocolate brownies, and a horrible duck painting, all conspiring to interrupt their bliss, confronting them with the frustrations of adult life, divorce, loneliness, and romantic confusion. 

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Susy wants to loose weight. Her wish is so strong, that without meaning to she invokes a special fairy who will grant her three wishes, which she will use to be, perhaps, the most beautiful woman on earth.

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