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2000 | Color | 98 min

In this film, based on the novel by Colombian writer Fernando Vallejo, the devastating reality of Colombia is presented by way of two characters. Violence as a way of life, disappointment, and death are just around the corner. The protagonists are overwhelmed by the disillusionment that results from living in this society. Alexis is a young hit-man who introduces his friend Fernando to a sinister world in which there is no clear boundary between life and death. Both characters share a profound emptiness, an existence dominated by brutal attempts to test the limits of life and death, and the unbearable experience of living in a crowded and under-developed city.

Country: Francia, España, Colombia
Direction: Schroeder; Barbet
Production: Ménégoz; Margaret
Photography: Lalinde; Rodrigo
Music: Arraigada; Jorge
Cast:David Restrepo; Juan, Vallesteros; Anderson, Jaramillo; Germán, Busquets; Manuel
Art direction:
Participation year at FICM: 2003

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