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1934 | B/N | 76 min

After losing her father and discovering that her boyfriend has betrayed her with another woman, Rosario is forced to work as a prostitute in the port of Veracruz. Several years go by and Rosario gets used to cabaret life. One day, a handsome sailor rescues her from the dirty hands of a drunken man. The two spend a passionate night together but their love will be threatened by a dark secret.

Country: México
Direction: Boytler; Arcady
Script: J. Sevilla; Raphael, de Nájera; Carlos, Tolstoi; León, Maupassant;, Guzmán Aguilera; Antonio
Production: C. de la Garza; Servando
Photography: Phillips Jr.; Alex
Sound: B. Charles; José
Music: Urban; Max
Cast:Palma; Andrea, Busquets; Joaquín, Segarra; Consuelo, Polo; Antonio, Soler; Domingo
Art direction: A. Rivero; Fernando
Participation year at FICM: 2011

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This film is about the rocky relationship between an engaged couple after the husband-to-be discovers a picture of his fiancée with an old boyfriend. He becomes consumed with jealousy and attempts to find out as many details as possible about her life before they met.


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