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2008 | Color | 17 min

Diego remembers an old promise he made with his childhood friend. This will lead him through a journey that will unearth his most cherished wishes.

Country: México
Direction: Tamez Sierra; Pablo
Script: Barros; Paulina, Tamez Sierra; Pablo
Production: F. Urdapilleta; Fernando, Restrepo; Juan Carlos
Photography: Secco; María José
Sound: Muñoz Cota Callejas; Isabel
Music: Barreiro; Tomás
Cast:Benítez; Bernardo, González; Alonso, Gil; Mayte, Romo; Naomy, Urbini; Julia, Barreiro; Francisco, Arizmendi; Moisés
Art direction: José Guadalupe
Participation year at FICM: 2008

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