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2008 | Color | 38 min

My mother was murdered and my father was left alone to take care of his five teenage children. Since my father could not offer us consolation, he took us to the beach, to the cabin of a stranger. Everything changed when we were in that house, united by alcohol and depression. It was still summer and all I wanted was to leave that place.

Country: México
Direction: Pablos; David
Script: Pablos; David
Production: Alfonso; Abigail, Romero; Carmín
Photography: Viveros; Hatuey
Sound: Loaeza; Alfredo, Almandoz; Sabrina, Lira; Rodrigo
Cast:Martínez; José, Elena Kelly; Ana, Aguirre; Sebastián, Corkidi; Daniel, Boeda; Flavie, Pablos; Rubén, Azuela; Rodrigo
Art direction: García; Mar
Participation year at FICM: 2008

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El baile de los 41

In November 1901, the police illegally raided a private home in Mexico City where a high-society party was under way. Nineteen guests were dressed in “feminine” clothing, including the son-in-law of the Mexican president. It was the first time that homosexuality was openly discussed in the national press, and the scandal remains famous to this day.

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The Chosen Ones

Sofia, age 14, is in love with Ulises. But it is for that very reason, and in spite of him, that she becomes a victim of a prostitution ring. In order to rescue her, Ulises will have to replace her with another girl…

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20 and + for the Art, Neza York

Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl is a place like no other. Fershow resides there, and it’s there that he stages most of his photographs. He uses his friends as models, making every session like a party.


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