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2006 | Color |

Diego?s whole world revolves around his grandmother, his father, and his stepmother. When Diego meets Yamasaki, a magician, he makes one of the most important decisions of his life

Country: México
Direction: Cravioto Aguillón; José Manuel
Script: Cravioto Aguillón; José Manuel
Production: Cravioto Aguillón; José Manuel, Pino; Laura
Photography: Hernández; Iván
Sound: Gerstein; David
Music: Francisco Uriel; César, Hernán Chávez; Marco
Cast:Murokawa; Takahiro, Casasola; Ramsés, Parra; Tara, De Marín; Jorge, Lein; Diana, Ramírez; Arcelia, de Ita; Laura
Art direction: López; Fernando
Participation year at FICM: 2007

Director Movies

Los últimos héroes de la península

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The Last Heroes of the Peninsula

Legend tells that once upon a time, there were five world boxing champions living in the same city of the Yucatan Peninsula. They were called The last Mayan Warriors. This is a history of courage, fortune and a whole lot of punching.

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The Mistery Charro

The Mistery Charro Mexico, 1980´s. An engineer, ranchero singer and bank robber embodies one of the most extravagant myths of Mexican criminal history: Alfredo Ríos Galeana

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