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2007 | Color | 91 min

After a failed suicide attempt, Claudia is admitted into a treatment center for troubled teenagers, run by a strict psychiatrist named Bernarda Alquicira. As Clauda settles in, the ghostly apparition of Andrea, a beautiful intern who committed suicide a year ago, begins to haunt her. Josefina, a mysterious patient, and doctor Lucía Franyutti, Bernarda´s assistant, seem to know the truth behind these horrifying apparitions. Claudia, possessed by the malignant spirit, goes on a mad rampage of revenge

Country: México
Direction: Moheno; Gustavo
Script: P Székely; Mario, Moheno; Gustavo, Taboada; Carlos Enrique, Suárez Romero; Alfonso, Pulido; Ángel
Production: Elvira; Gonzálo, Medina Escamilla; Estrella, César Estrada; Julio
Photography: de La Rosa; Arturo
Sound: Garduño; Susana, Molina; Miguel Ángel, Ruiz; Talía
Music: Gamboa; Eduardo
Cast:Higareda; Martha, Dionne; Mónica, Malo; Mafer, Valdez; Elizabeth, Boysselle; Magali, Ciangherotti; Valeria, Bonet; Alicia, Langer; Verónica, Ciangherotti; Cassandra, Perea; Danny, Luján; Fernando
Art direction: Moreno Buzzo; Alfonso
Participation year at FICM: 2007

Director Movies

Eddie Reynolds

After 30 years, a rock band reunites when U2’s Bono shows interest in buying one of their songs. The reunion reignites old quarrels between the lead singer, Eddie, and the guitar player, Santos. Bono postpones the deal indefinitely while Eddie tries to bring the band together one more time. Soon, the middle-aged rockers are playing again, with the drummer’s teenage daughter, Lucia, giving the band a remake.

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