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2005 | Color | 108:00

Haiti in the 1980s. Despite the dictatorship, the country remains a privileged tourist destination, especially for American women seeking sex and love with young men. The passion and tenderness awakened by Legba, a handsome youth, will turn two of these women’s lives upside down.

Country: Francia
Direction: Cantet; Laurent
Script: Campillo; Robin, Laferrière; Dany, Cantet; Laurent
Production: Hamilton; John, Reckziegel: David, Lonergan; Valerie, Letellier; Barbara, Scotta; Carole, Benjo; Caroline, Arnal; Simon
Photography: Milon; Pierre
Sound: Deloof; Valérie, d’Heucqueville; Edouard, Ravez; Agnès, Becker; Nicolás, Laforce; Jean-pierre
Music: Inconnu
Cast:Young; Karen, Portal; Louise, César; Ménothy, Rampling; Charlotte, Ambroise; Lys
Art direction: Diago; Franckie
Participation year at FICM: 2015

Director Movies

The Workshop

La Ciotat, the South of France. Antoine attends a summer writing workshop in which a few young people have been selected to write a crime thriller with the help of Olivia, a famous novelist. The creative process will recall the town’s industrial past, a nostalgic exercise to which Antoine feels indifferent. More concerned with contemporary fears, he soon clashes with the group and Olivia, who seems both alarmed and captivated by Antoine’s violence.

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Human Resources

Frank, a recent university graduate, returns to his hometown in the French countryside, where he is hired as an intern for the company where his father works. Innocent and excited, he is convinced that he will help the unions and the administration reach an agreement on a just workday. But he will soon learn that his job is to restructure of the company – and it involves layoffs.

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Les sanguinaires

In December 1999, François organizes a retreat to a small island with some friends, seeking to avoid the chaos of Paris during the turn of the millennium. The situation quickly grows tense. Ultimately, noisy Paris will seem peaceful in comparison with the internal tumult on the little island.

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