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2008 | Color | 1h 40 min

Hoping to improve their lives, men migrate without realizing that they destroy what they want to save: their families. This is the story of Diamantina and Araceli, two young women from Oaxaca whose men leave for the north in search of a better life. When they return to the village, nothing is the same anymore.

Country: México
Direction: Pérez Solano; Jorge
Script: Pérez Solano; Jorge
Production: Casas; Armando, Alonso; Daniel, Fiesco; Roberto
Photography: Gutiérrez Miranda; César
Sound: Galaz; Galileo
Music: Luengas; Rubén
Cast:Rodríguez; Xochiquetzal, Larios; Lazua, del Monte; Mayahuel, Alonso; Leonardo, Santander; Eduardo, Sosa Rodríguez; Roberto, Clavel; Aurora, Sérbulo; Mayra, Cruz; Angeles, Torres; Harold, Hernández; Noé, Columba;
Art direction: Aguilar; Bertha
Participation year at FICM: 2008

Director Movies

La negrada

First mexican feature film about the Afro-mexican community. Among the black people in the Costa Chica in Oaxaca, it is socially accepted that a man lives with more than one woman. Juana and Magdalena share Neri's love, they both know that this situation is hurting them. Juana will have to die in order to show Magdalena a new path for her life.

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