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Direction: Van Sant, Gus

Script: Van Sant, Gus

Country: United States

Production: Wolf, Dany

Production Company: Blue Relief | Fearmakers Studio | HBO Films, | Meno Films: Pie Films

Photography: Savides, Harris

Edition: Van Sant, Gus

Sound: Andrew, Félix | Shatz, Leslie

Music: Van Beethoven, Ludwig

Cast: Bottoms, Timothy | Deulen, Eric | Dixon, Bennie | Finklea, Carrie | Frost, Alex | George, Nicole | Hicks, Kristen | Malloy, Matt | Mcconnell, Elias | Miles, Alicia | Mountain, Brittany | Robinson, John | Taylor, Jordan | Tyson, Nathan | Williams, Ellis

Art Direction: Hayden, Banjamin

Year of participation at FICM:

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Gerry (2002) Mala noche (1985) Last Days (2005) Paris, je t´aime (2006) Paranoid Park (2007) Restless (2010)