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2010 | Color | 10 min

Minutes before dying in the general ward of an urban hospital, Ulises ponders over fragments of his life.  As he crosses the line that separates life from death, he realizes that this is the most exciting moment of his life.

Country: México
Direction: Ruizpalacios; Alonso
Script: Ruizpalacios; Alonso
Production: Valdez; Claudia
Photography: Villanueva; Emiliano
Sound: Isordia; Antonino, Tamez; Pablo
Music: Barreiro; Tomás
Cast:Bravo; Alfonso, Balandra; Mario, Gidi; Karina, Huerta; Tenoch
Art direction:
Participation year at FICM: 2010

Director Movies


Christmas, 1985. Mexico City wakes to the news of the most spectacular crime in its history: the theft of over 160 iconic pieces from the National Museum of Anthropology. No one would suspect that the perpetrators sleep peacefully in the suburb of Ciudad Satélite: Juan Núñez and Benjamín Wilson, veterinary students and best friends. The magnitude of their crime exceeds their intentions and they leave the city in hopes of selling the stolen pieces. 

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Ariel, a silent security guard in charge of transporting other people’s millions every day, has just discovered he’s about to be a first-time father. While deciding what to do about his imminent paternity, through a bizarre fault in the system, he suddenly finds himself before the possibility of fleeing with the loot he transports.

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Tomás is sent to Mexico City to spend a week with his brother, Sombra. He finds Sombra and his roommate, Santos, in an eerie limbo since a strike broke out at the National University. When Tomás finds out that Epigmenio Cruz, a legendary Mexican singer from the 70s, is dying in a city hospital, he convinces the others to go look for him. The trip becomes a voyage of self-discovery through Mexico City and across its invisible borders.

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