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2014 | Color | 10:00

This is the re-interpretation of a truth. It is a visual waltz through the spaces, people, and objects that make up the working class of Mexico, a place where their reality and their dreams dance and dialogue.

Country: México
Direction: Rentería Garnica; Mariano
Script: Rentería Garnica; Mariano
Production: Rentería Garnica; Mariano, Díez Maza; Jorge, Buitrón; José Manuel, García Espinoza; Fernando, Bucio Sistos; Daniela, Barojas Quezada; Jonathán
Photography: Rentería Garnica; Mariano
Sound: Rentería Garnica; Mariano
Music: Pineda Gould; Kevin
Art direction:
Participation year at FICM: 2014

Director Movies

A Face Full of Kisses

Adriana spends every night at the same seedy hotel. She’s just started her shift with a new man, and it looks like it’s going to be a long one.

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The rebozo (shawl) is part of one of the oldest traditions in Mexico, It’s an essential element to understanding the identity of how Purépechas dress. The mother of the artisan Albertina Bautista was one of the pioneers in creating rebozos (shawls) detailing them with feathers of different types of birds.

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Transitory Station

The building that once served as Morelia’s main bus station was abandoned for fifteen years. Artists from many disciplines worked together to cover the building and transform it into a space for artistic instruction, exhibition, and collaboration.

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