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1950 | B/N | 89 min

Despite his constant infidelities, gigolo and bon vivant Roberto "El Suavecito" has a perfect relationship with Lupita. One night in a dance hall, "El Suavecito" gets into a brawl with taxi driver Carlos. After patching things up with Carlos, "El Suavecito" invites him to a gambling hall run by a dangerous gangster by the name of "El Nene". A crime is committed and Carlos is unfairly accused. "El Suavecito" sells his silence to "El Nene",  but remorse won´t let him keep his word for very long

Country: México
Direction: Méndez; Fernando
Script: Ramírez Osante; Gabriel
Production: Rodríguez; Manuel, de Anda; Raúl
Photography: Gómez Urquiz; Manuel
Sound: Alcayde; Francisco, Rodríguez; Enríque
Music: Bravo Ortega; Gonzalo, Pérez Prado; Dámaso, Ramírez; Elpidio, Carrión; Gustavo César
Cast:Segura; Aurora, Rodríguez; Dagoberto, Evans; Jacqueline, de Torres; María Amelia, Del Castillo; Enrique, Curiel; Federico, Muñoz; José, Pando; Francisco, Rodríguez; Humberto, Escanero; José, L. Murillo; José, Peón; Ignacio, Gamboa; Alicia, María Ladrón de Guevara; Rosa, Mateos; Héctor, Arozamena; Eduardo, Parra; Víctor, Dondé; Manuel, González; Gilberto, Dosamantes; Amanda
Art direction:
Participation year at FICM: 2006

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