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2012 | Color | 93 min 0 seg

El Santos, an overweight, worn out wrestler, suffers because of his recent split with Tetona Mendoza, a voluptuous and savage female wrestler. To overcome his depression El Santos starts a campaign to help the zombies from Sahuayo (harmless zombies from the region of Sahuayo, Mexico). Pretty soon his good intentions create a multi million dollar business from which he profits handsomely. The zombie population skyrockets becoming a plague, so much so that Tetona Mendoza threatens Santos to get rid of them, but in the end, it is El Peyote Asesino (Santos? sworn enemy) who eliminates the zombies. But the world without zombies turns out to be even worse and the only chance for survival is for El Santos and Peyote to work together to try to bring the zombies back.

Country: México
Direction: Lozano; Alejandro
Script: Mendoza; Augusto
Production: Fainchtein; Lynn, Arriagada; Francisco, de Fuentes; Fernando, Carlos García De Letona; José
Sound: Díaz; Sergio
Music: Fuentes; Tito, Froideval; Camilo
Cast:Heredia; Dolores, Las Voces De: Guillermo Del Toro; Con, Marin; Cheech, Bichir; Demián, Roc; Roc, María Yazpik; José, Ochoa; Jesús, Suárez; Cecilia, Giménez Cacho; Daniel, Bichir; Bruno, Cosío; Joaquín, Azuela; Irene
Art direction: González; Rafael
Participation year at FICM: 2012

Director Movies

El sabor de la navidad

El sabor de la navidad

Three parallel stories revolving around Mexico City Christmas celebrations are eventually intertwined. In the first story, an estranged daughter seeks to reconcile with her family. In the second, two friends put their friendship to the test when they start working as competing Santa Clauses in the Alameda Park. In the third, a lonely chef who cooks Christmas dinners for other families confronts her feelings for her kitchen assistant.

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