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2015 | Color | 80:00

Passionately in love and eager to live together as a couple, Rita and Mateo move out of the city and take refuge in the apparent tranquility of Mateo's deceased father's country house. Like every new relationship, it is all sex and fun in the beginning until Rita's desire to become a mother, Mateo's fear of commitment and an unexpected visit by Alexis, Mateo's seductive cousin, come between them. Rita and Mateo's differences surface, testing the shaky foundation their relationship is built on. Soon, a lack of communication and unrequited love unleash the violence that will inevitably spell an end to the couple. An honest portrait of sex as the driving force of our world, it's a film that accurately reflects the sentiment of our younger generations.

Country: México
Direction: Miller Encinas; Elisa
Script: Miller Encinas; Elisa, Vidal; Gabriela
Production: Ramos; Jaime, Eimbcke; Fernando, Valdelièvre; Christian
Photography: Penachino; Matías
Sound: Navarro; Victor, Esquenazi; Uriel
Cast:Edwarda Gurrola; Flor, Alzati; Fausto, Sodi; Camila
Art direction: Castelli; Claudio
Participation year at FICM: 2015

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