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2009 | Color | 1h 30 min

A depressed and solitary Frenchman wanders around a fishing community on the Mexican Pacificcoast. After spending days in this place of stunning natural beauty, his emotional state doesn’t seem to improve. He is not interested in anything or anybody.When he meets Pablo, a fisherman who shows him his simple way of life, Julien starts to feel better.

Country: México
Direction: Meyer; Matías
Script: Meyer; Matías
Production: Perrier; Alexandre, Herrera; Paola, Rivero; Enrique, Morán; Gerardo, Meyer; Matías
Photography: Barroso Alcalá; Gerardo
Sound: de Icaza; Alejandro
Music: Duran; Galo
Cast:Cottereau; Julien, López; Pablo, Andrés “el Piojo”;
Art direction: González; Nohemí
Participation year at FICM: 2009

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