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1994 | B/N | 108 min

Accused of a crime he didn?t commit, Marcos flees Mexico City and hides in a small town where an uncle he hasn?t seen in years lives. Sick and childless, the uncle is happy to see him. But his other relatives don?t want to share the inheritance they have been waiting for. Marcos? vitality contrasts with the boredom and hypocritical lives of the family. As a result of the passions this situation provokes, two crimes will be committed.

Country: México
Direction: Sneider; Roberto
Script: Ibargüengoitia; Jorge, Sneider; Roberto
Production: Sneider; Roberto, Armendáriz; Pedro, Martínez De Velasco; Patricia, Cohen Pupko; Michel, Franklin; Abraham, Necoech; Miguel
Photography: Marcovich; Carlos
Sound: de la Fuente; Salvador, Romo; Gabriel, Baksht; David, Romo; Jorge
Music: Márquez; Arturo
Cast:Ruiz; José Carlos, Isabel; Margarita, Clennon; David, Armendáriz; Pedro, Alcázar; Damián, Huijara; Leticia, Ochoa; Jesús, Heredia; Dolores, Gil; Guillermo, Torre Lapham; Fernando, Pereyra; René
Participation year at FICM: 2011

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