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2015 | Color | 54:00

In the cold mountains of the Chiapas Highlands, memory makes its home. It is in this place where a quest for answers begins – finding on the land a method of resistance, the characters open themselves to a world that does not understand them. The hope and pain of the Original Peoples trigger questions in someone who is amazed, without knowing the reason for it, by their various forms of resistance, the ideology and traditions of these peoples.

Country: México
Direction: Jiménez Díaz; Néstor A.
Script: Jiménez Díaz; Néstor A.
Production: Hernández; Blanca Olivia
Photography: Méndez Rodríguez; Juan Antonio
Sound: Sánchez Gómez; Marisela
Music: Sántiz López; Juan, Pérez; Sergio Pérez
Cast:Jiménez Pérez; José Alfredo, Díaz Diaz; Lucía, Díaz Girón; Agustina, Vázquez Perez; Antonio, Compañeras de Candelaria, Tradicional De Tenejapa; Pueblo, Sántiz López; Juan
Art direction:
Participation year at FICM: 2015

Director Movies

El Nail

Prayers have become a thing of the past in the town of Tenejapa. There?s no one to pray for life, or to fend off illness or other problems come. No one pays attention to the ancient ones, those of the custom. Alonso Sántis López is one of the few traditional spiritual leaders who is dedicated to serving the town. His work consists of praying to the gods for the Bankilales (older brothers) and watching over the lives of the people. During the carnival, a ritual that brings in the new year and another period of responsibility for maintaining the custom, we will meet "El Nail".

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