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2019 | Color | 11:30

Eight-year-old Dalia spends her days searching for her missing father. Accompanied by her friend Pelusa, she’ll set off on a journey that will help her uncover her family’s fate. Animated directly onto more than 5000 newspaper clippings, this short film delves into the lives of the families of forcibly disappeared people in Mexico.

Country: México
Direction: Menchaca Brandan; Nuria Margarita
Script: Isaac; Carlos, Menchaca; Nuria
Production: Isaac; Carlos
Photography: Valero; Valeria
Sound: Disruptiva Sound
Music: Beaujean; Ingrid, Higareda; Joselo
Art direction: Menchaca; Nuria
Participation year at FICM: 2019

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A megalomaniac baby eats and destroys everything in his path. Based on the poem “Fou!” by Hélène Matte.

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