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2015 | Color | 20:15

Many types of legal and social oppression cause people to leave their homelands, including misogyny, homophobia, and transphobia.The documentary Club Amazonas features two young transwomen from Honduras, Jessica and Angela, who seek tolerance and opportunity across the Mexican border while pondering the freedom and security promised by the United States. 

Direction: Fiesco; Roberto
Script: Hernández; Julián, Fiesco; Roberto
Production: Martínez; Ernesto, Reyes; Iliana
Photography: Carrasco; Juan Carlos
Sound: Argüelles; Luis, Narváez del Valle; Armando
Music: Villela Vega; Arturo
Cast:Sharlot Zuniga; Anyela, Mavissa Barrera; Jessica, Tomás González; Fray, Contreras López; Alan, Zayra
Participation year at FICM: 2016

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In a small town in China, young Yijie sells fruit from a modest cart. Stationed on a street, he witnesses how Yong, a boy his age, steals the purse of one of his customers. Blocks ahead, the two boys run into each other. Despite being strangers, they decide to spend the afternoon together and share their dreams and private thoughts

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It’s a cloudy day and two young men enter a photo booth. They’re friends, co-workers at a construction site; both take advantage of a spare moment and the small space to smoke, talk and portray an extraordinary moment.

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