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Ch'ul be, senda sagrada
2023 | Color | 70:28

“Ch'ul be" delves into the Tsotsil sacred path, exploring ancient collective commitments that sustain the cycle of life in community. In San Andres Larrainzar, everyone is responsible for the collective well-being, but few are chosen to follow the path of serving the gods. ''Ch'ul be'' is the path of Martha and Diego, and of Roma?n and his son Tino. It is a journey from the everyday to the divine, to ensure that the cycle is not broken.

Country: México
Direction: Gómez Pérez; Humberto
Script: Gómez Pérez; Humberto
Production: Contreras; Daniela, Défossé; Nicolás
Photography: Sero; Xun
Sound: De Torcy; Martin, Álvarez; Jaime, Sánchez Gómez; Mireya, Gómez Pérez; Humberto
Music: Montejo Hernández; Román, Montejo Hernández; Agustín, Díaz Díaz; Agustín, Montejo Hernández; Carlos Román
Cast:Montejo Hernández; Carlos Román, Montejo Hernández; Agustín, Gómez Gómez; Diego, Pérez Ruíz; Martha
Participation year at FICM: 2023

Director Movies

Jvobtik - Our Music

In a tsotsil community from south Mexico, where all the sounds come to life, the musical tradition of a family of musicians is transmitted from one generation to another: from the grandfather, who lives his last melodies; the son, who assumes the position of traditional musician; and the grandson who has the pleasure to continue with the musical memory of his family.

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