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2003 | Color | 15 min

Cardinal 7: Greed addresses the conception of this sin through the writings of twentieth century poets who commited suicide.

Country: México
Direction: Pimentel Melo; Jesús
Script: Pimentel Melo; Jesús
Production: Gallegos; Flora
Photography: Bienet; Ricardo
Sound: Arroyo; Juan Pablo
Music: Paulín; Juan
Cast:Figueroa; Binigno, Osorio; Teresa, de Lourdes Romero; María, Ortiz; Franccini
Art direction: Pimentel Melo; Jesús
Participation year at FICM: 2003

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Miramelinda tells the story of Don Jorge Rivas, an old chronicler of the city of Morelia, whom co-exists with the ghosts of his chronicles in an everyday basis. One day he gets fired and finds himself confronting the dilemma of giving up to the imaginary world of his ghosts or find the hope in this life and keep up living.

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