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2015 | Color | 33:00

Ivana is a young Bosnian working class woman that dreams about moving to America. Nevertheless, this dream fills very distant because she has to take care of her sick mother and works in a kitchen to be able to support her.

Country: México, Bosnia y Herzegovina
Direction: Flores Thorija; Sergio
Script: Flores Thorija; Sergio
Production: Tarr; Béla
Photography: Flores Thorija; Sergio, Lucas; Bianca
Sound: Lomjaria; Levan
Cast:Marshall; Patrick, Mujanovic; Sena, Vojinovic; Ivana
Participation year at FICM: 2015

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Alejandra and Víctor come from completely different backgrounds, and live in a city that is artificially divided in two by a wall: Tijuana and San Diego. She works putting nails at a beauty salon, while he studies business and is starting his own company.

In the wake of a tragedy, the two have to make a trip to the other side of their respective borders, where those miles of distance sentence the way they both face their lives.

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3 Women or (Waking Up From My Bosnian Dream)

Ivana, Clara and Marina are three women from different backgrounds living at the same time in Sarajevo. Ivana dreams about moving to the USA, Clara works during the night to save money for her studies and Marina is in love with her best friend who is moving to a different country. Each one fights to achieve her own goals, but most of the time society doesn't accept what's not in accordance with its norms.

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Luis is a doctor who moves from Spain to a village in the Bosnian countryside. He has a new job and a new life, but he can’t let go of his past.

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