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2013 | Color | 80:00

Little, or almost nothing, is known about the people living in the Bering Strait. What are their living conditions, their needs, their thoughts? What customs feed their culture and how do they see themselves and the rest of the planet? This documentary gives us a look into their everyday life, one unknown to the outside world—an updated vision of Robert J. Flaherty’s Nanook of the North.

Country: México
Direction: Grobet; Lourdes
Script: Larque; Montserrat, Grobet; Lourdes
Production: Ruiz Ruiz-Funes; Ramiro
Photography: Pérez Grobet; Xavier
Sound: Pérez Grobet; Juan Cristóbal
Music: Pérez Grobet; Juan Cristóbal
Participation year at FICM: 2014

Director Movies

Bering, Encuentro Familiar

Bering, Encuentro Familiar

Etta Tall is an indigenous Inupiaq woman who intends to cross the Bering Strait, from Alaska to Russia, in order to reunite with her lost relatives after the ethnic separation resulting from the Cold War. After a year of arduous planning, Etta and her newfound relatives travel back to Alaska for a bittersweet reunion. This trip will expose the cultural loss of an indigenous nation and the first attempt to recover it.

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