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2012 | Color | 129 min

Havana will undoubtedly change radically in the next few years. A transition is taking place: its boundaries are changing; its culture is hungrily embracing new ways of thinking, creating and living each day. To film this place and tell the story of these people is to portray humanity at a turning point in its history on an island whose magnetism and magical aura are wholly disproportionate to what one would expect from its geographical dimensions alone.

Country: España, Francia
Direction: del Toro; Benicio, Cantet; Laurent, Trapero; Pablo, Noé; Gaspar, Tabio; Juan Carlos, Suleiman; Elia, Medem; Julio
Script: López Coll; Lucía, Padura; Leonardo
Production: Pisani; Fabien, Domehri; Didar, Baudens; Laurent, Nouaille; Gaël, Longoria; Álvaro
Photography: Aranyó; Daniel, Dussuel; Diego
Sound: de Poulpiquét; Nicolás, Schmukler; Charly, Valiño; Eva
Music: Turull; Xavi, Ochoa; Kelvis, Bueno; Descemer
Cast:Hutcherson; Josh, Kusturica; Emir, Amore; Nathalia, Perugorria; Jorge, Ibarra; Mirta, Herrera; Cristela de la Caridad, Suleiman; Elia, Estévez; Melvis, Abreu; Alexander, Brühl; Daniel, Gómez Cruz; Ernesto
Participation year at FICM: 2012

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