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2018 | B/N | 07:45

My grandmother was convinced that the only animal that made the same mistake twice is the human being.

An essay short film about my very own Internet, a parallel world where memory loss, errors, surveillance and addiction smear everything and everyone.

Direction: Orozco Ramirez; Victor
Script: Orozco Ramirez; Victor
Production: Orozco Ramirez; Victor
Photography: Orozco Ramirez; Victor
Sound: Vehlken; Román
Music: Orozco Ramirez; Victor
Art direction: Orozco Ramirez; Victor
Participation year at FICM: 2018

Director Movies


Several years ago, I emigrated to Germany. I live in a small old house in urgent need of modernization that theoretically protects me from the wind, rain, and cold.

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Spare the Blood,Spoil the Child

Mexico and the Middle East: two different cultures converge in an atmosphere steeped in religious extremism. The chaotic structure of memory is recreated by means of a complex visualization of symbolic elements and original sound recordings from the pilgrimage of the Virgin of Zapopan, Mexico.

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