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Impulso Morelia 9 Announces Its Selection and International Experts' Panel

The Morelia International Film Festival (FICM) is pleased to announce the titles selected to participate in Morelia 9, the festival’s section that showcases Mexican features films in diverse stages of editing and post-production, in the aim to establish a constructive dialogue about the proposals and offer international visibility.

These titles will be presented exclusively to a panel of international experts summoned by the Morelia Film Festival in order to create a unique space for reflection on the selected projects. Additionally, Impulso Morelia 9 grants important awards, both in kind and in cash that will directly contribute to the conclusion, promotion and visibility of the proposals.

Impulso Morelia 9 selected projects are: 

Boca vieja

Documentary, first film.
Dir. Yovegami Ascona Mora
Prod. Mónica Cruz Arcos, Yovegami Ascona Mora
Production company: Duermevela Audiovisual

Boca vieja

In a small south Mexico town of fishermen and farmers, the people who live there remember the fight they fought in order to fend for their territory over 30 years ago. They now own the sea, their land, and their time, feeling free fills them with pride. However, every year, with the rainy season, nature claims its place. A portrait of the integrity and fragility of the human condition.

Formas de atravesar un territorio / Ways to Go Through a Territory

Dir. Gabriela Domínguez Ruvalcaba
Prod. Pía Quintana Enciso
Production companies: Bosquenegro, Estudio Errante

Formas de atravesar un territorio

Do we belong to a place or does a place belong to us? A documental filmmaker and a family of shepherdesses, protagonists of this story, will braid the answers to this question in a documentary essay about identity, transformation of a landscape and filmmaking.

La libertad de Fierro / The Freedom of Fierro

Dir. Santiago Esteinou 
Prod. Santiago Esteinou

La libertad de Fierro

César is now a free man and he needs to rebuild his life, after being wrongly sentenced to death for 40 years. He spent most of his life in the Polunsky Unit, a prison that keeps inmates in complete isolation, during decades, totally deprived of contact with other human beings. César's arrival to Mexico is the beginning of a journey to heal. His new life is constantly confronted with his own limitations, but he is determined to find true freedom.

La raya / The Limit

Dir. Yolanda Cruz
Prod. Yolanda Cruz, Isael Gutiérrez, Christine Dávila, Norma Santiago
Production company: Petate Films

La raya

The Limit is a contemporary story about life in a Chatino town and the effects of migration on it. The main character is Sotera Santos (11), a girl sent from Alabama to her parent’s Oaxacan community, La Raya, to be taken care of by her grandmother, while her estranged parents remain in the US. 

Los sueños que compartimos / The Dreams We Share

Dir. Valentina Leduc Navarro
Prod. Bertha Navarro, Alejandro Springall, Carolina Coppel y Eduardo Díaz Casanova
Production company: Salamandra Producciones, S.A. de C.V.

Los sueños que compartimos

Members of indigenous Mayan communities cross the Atlantic Ocean to dialogue with different groups of people defending their territory, water supplies, rivers and forests. This journey weaves together and sustains the stories that we delve into the daily life of people and their communities who carry out activities to protect life, both in Mexico and Europe. We want to convey their processes, challenges and achievements.

Louis Riel o el cielo toca la tierra/ Louis Riel or Heaven Touches Earth

Dir. Matías Meyer
Prod: Matías Meyer
Production company: Luc, la película 

Louis Riel

On August 1st, 1885, in Regina, Saskatchewan, Metis leader Louis Riel (1844-1885) is unjustly sentenced to death for high treason. We accompany him on his way of the cross, from the day of his condemnation to the day of his execution, on November 16th, 1885.

Tus dos muertos / Debt to the Dead

Dir. Daniel Castro Zimbrón
Prod. Víctor Léycegui, Arturo Martinelli, Luis Arenas, Pablo Zimbrón
Production companies: Varios Lobos, Mil Millones Cine, La Claqueta PC, Matruska Films, Maligno Gorehouse

Tus dos muertos

Cipriano Zuzunaga (60) is a judicial police officer who has seen his best days go by and lives in a depression that keeps him wandering and tormented. When the unrecognized son of a famous congressman is kidnapped, Zuzunaga becomes the cold and ruthless person in charge of conducting a solitary investigation that will ultimately confront him with his own past.

International Experts’ Panel

The Morelia Film Festival has brought together an international experts’ panel that will analyze with strict, constructive and respectful spirit all the proposals included in Impulso Morelia 9, and will establish a useful dialogue with their creators.

Panel de expertos

The panel will be made up of:

  • Carlos Gutiérrez, curator and director of Cinema Tropical, the media arts non-profit organization, which is the leading presenter of Latin American cinema in the U.S.
  • Cédric Succivalli, film critic and programmer for the Giornate degli Autori of the Venice Film Festival and for the Red Sea International Film Festival.
  • Claudia G. Covarrubias, producer and director committed to the creation and distribution of films with a social and gender perspective, and current director of production and marketing at Churubusco Azteca Studios.
  • John Cooper, experienced curator and programmer, Director Emeritus of the Sundance Film Festival, where he worked for three decades.
  • José Tamez, producer and Salma Hayek’s partner on their production company, Ventanarosa, where he also serves as President. 
  • Ralph McKay, programmer for museums, archives and festivals since 1976 and program advisor with International Film Festival Rotterdam since 1996.
  • Thomas Rosso, Program Manager of Cannes’ Semaine de la Critique and Next Step workshop.

Impulso Morelia 9 Awards

  • The José María Riba Award bestowed by Cinépolis Distribución and Profest 2023 consists in a cash incentive of $250,000 MXN ($150,000 contributed by Cinépolis Distribución and $100,000 by Profest 2023) destined to post-production services and/or promotion. This incentive will be awarded to one selected project by the international experts’ panel. The amount offered by Cinépolis Distribución will be delivered no later than June 2024.
  • Estudios Churubusco will award one project with $1,000,000 MXN in post-production and TXH sound services. A co-production or collaboration agreement will be signed with the production of the project. The support does not include materials, operator fees or Dolby license. It is valid for two years and will be awarded by the international experts’ panel. 
  • The post-production studio Splendor Omnia will give an award consisting in one week of sound mix and another one of color correction, with an approximated value of $312,000 MXN. The support does not include technician’s fees or accommodation expenses that will be defined at the time, under a special rate scheme. It is valid for two years and will be awarded by Splendor Omnia. It can be awarded entirely to a single project, or assign color correction to one proposal and sound mixing to another.
  • The José María Riba Award winner will also receive from the specialized information web portal LatAm a promotional campaign, which includes an advertising page in one of the magazine’s numbers, as well as a communication strategies counseling with an approximate value of USD$1,500. 

Impulso Morelia 9 will be held from October 22nd trough 24th. Winners will be announced during the closing ceremony of the 21st FICM.