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Doug Jones: the face behind Guillermo del Toro’s monsters

The shape of the water gave Guillermo del Toro the Oscars of the most important categories: Best Film and Best Director. In total, the film won four awards including Best Score (Alexandre Desplat) and Best Production Design (Paul D. Austerberry, Jeffrey A. Melvin and Shane Vieau). The “love story for difficult times,” as del Toro defines it, mixes science fiction with drama and romance, all set during the Cold War in the United States.

Doug Jones

The soul of the film is undoubtedly the mysterious sea creature played by Doug Jones, an American actor specialized in mimicry, frequent collaborator of Guillermo del Toro. To date, Jones has accumulated more than 150 film credits that include monsters and villains such as the creature in The Shape of Water, Abe Sapien in Hellboy and the Faun and the Pale Man in The Pan’s Labyrinth.

Know the characters that Doug Jones has played and maybe you didn’t know:

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Silver Surfer (Fantastic Four and the Silver Surfer, 2007, dir. Tim Story)

The Thin Clown (Batman Returns, 1992, dir. Tim Burton)

Billy Butcherson (Hocus Pocus, 1993, dir. Kenny Ortega)

Infected Man (Quarantine, 2008, dir. John Erick Dowdle)

Joey (Men in Black II, 2002, dir. Barry Sonnenfeld)

Morlock (The Time Machine, 2002, dir. Simon Wells)

Abe Sapien (Hellboy y Hellboy II: The Golden Army, 2008, dir. Guillermo del Toro)

The Faun (The Pan's Labyrinth, 2006, dir. Guillermo del Toro)

The Pale Man (Pan's Labyrinth, 2006, dir. Guillermo del Toro)

Angel of death (Hellboy II: The Golden Army, 2008, dir. Guillermo del Toro)

Creature (The Shape of Water, 2017, dir. Guillermo del Toro)