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Cinépolis and Guillermo del Toro award the 2023 ANIMEXICO Scholarship to a promising young Mexican female talent

Cinépolis, under the direction of Alejandro Ramírez, in collaboration with Oscar winner, Guillermo Del Toro, have once again extended their generosity by awarding a scholarship to a talented young Mexican artist, Alejandra Ané Quintana Tiscareño. This marks the fourth consecutive year in which this initiative has taken place. The scholarship will facilitate Ane's pursuit of higher education as she embarks on the Master of Arts in Character Animation and Animated Filmmaking programme at GOBELINS Paris, renowned globally as first school in Animation.


In expressing her gratitude, Alejandra states: 

“I am endlessly grateful to Guillermo del Toro and Alejandro Ramirez, as well as the people at Gobelins, for the faith they have placed in my work and in me, as well as their great effort to continue providing these opportunities to Mexican artists. It is a difficult time for young people trying to make their way in the animation industry, and in this time that requires unity and solidarity among colleagues I do not lose sight of the enormous privilege of a scholarship such as this one. I would also like to thank my friends and family for their endless love and companionship during every step of this journey.”

The scholarship's coverage of living expenses and tuition from September 2023 to June 2025 is a testament to the commitment of Guillermo del Toro, Alejandro Ramirez, and the entire GOBELINS community to empower emerging talents. Ane's acceptance into GOBELINS' prestigious Master of Arts program in Paris stands as a testament to her artistic skills.

“Ane has strong 2D animation skills and an obvious desire to tell stories. We are proud to welcome her at GOBELINS Paris where she will explore larger world of animation from multiple culture,” said Cécile Blondel, director of International Development at GOBELINS Paris.

Promoting equality in opportunities: "GOBELINS for all"

The ANIMEXICO scholarship program is part of GOBELINS' desire to promote equal opportunities by opening its training to all talents. Ané will be part of the 2023-2025 class of the GOBELINS Master of Arts, a group made up of 57 students from 16 different nationalities. 

Alejandro Ramírez, CEO of Cinépolis and President of the International Film Festival of Morelia, commented: "I am greatly excited to continue with this initiative in partnership with Guillermos Del Toro and GOBELINS; one that has become a fundamental pillar in fostering growth and excellence in cinematic animation, through the young talent of Mexican artists. Ané, this year's winner, exemplifies the skills and passion we aim to nurture, serving as an example of how ANIMEXICO is transforming lives and strengthening our industry by empowering new creators. At Cinépolis, we take pride in continuing to assist more young individuals in achieving their dreams and doing so hand in hand with our allies."

"Once again, through ANIMEXICO, we are supporting emerging talents in the field of animation and providing a comprehensive platform for young creators on a global scale. It is a pleasure to offer our support once more as they embark on the journey to explore new horizons for our up-and-coming talents. Animation knows no bounds, much like the depth of talent and the essence of the Mexican spirit. We are committed to ensuring the continuation of this scholarship program throughout the remainder of this decade. I thank Cinépolis and Alejandro Ramírez, for once again awarding this scholarship, the FICM team to Daniela Michel, and GOBELINS for their support and being able to carry out this work in a continuous and committed manner,” declared Guillermo del Toro.

Executive Director of GOBELINS Paris, Erik Anspach adds: “GOBLEINS is extremely grateful for the support of its partners who have chosen to help nurture young talents from diverse trajectories. At GOBELINS, the heterogeneity of backgrounds and cultures is an essential asset to our mission in the development of creative talent. Our student films, crafted by multicultural teams, have been celebrated in various contexts and competitions, earning prestigious accolades such as BAFTA and Annie Awards. These accomplishments underscore our dedication to fostering inclusion and artistic excellence.”     

The submissions were selected based on the following criteria:

  • Their technical and artistic excellence
  • Their motivation
  • Their social and economic circumstances

This animation course allows students to deepen their knowledge of filmmaking and storytelling. At the end of the course, they participate in a graduation film project in conditions close to those of the professional world. They work in teams on different projects and can thus acquire a versatility combined with a level of excellence recognized by professionals, in France and internationally.

Ané Quintana Tiscareño is a Mexican animator. With a bachelor's degree in digital animation from the University de Artes Digitales, Guadalajara, she has been able to further develop her skills in 2D animation by working in different local studios since 2021.

Ané loves telling stories and aims to be storyboarder. By coming to study at GOBELINS Paris, she wants to further improve her skills and even go beyond her limits.