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Zoogocho in Escenarios 2009

Los herederos by Eugenio Polgovsky and Those who remain, by Juan Carlos Rulfo and Carlos Hagerman, both premiered in FICM 2008, as well as Intimidades de Shakespeare y Víctor Hugo by Yulene Olaizola, Perpetuum Mobile II En busca de una voz by Dora Juárez, official selection of FICM 2008, and ¿Quién soy tú? by Pavel Aguilar official selection of FICM 2007, will also be screened.

Escenarios 2009 is an international event that unites the cinematographic community during a week and screens the new tendencies in documentary films. Around 30 films will be shown in this event.

This year the special guests will be Peter Wintonick from Canada, Coco Schrijber from the Netherlands, Andres Veiel from Germany, Yolanda Cruz from USA/Mexico, Gianfranco Rosi from Italy, Luis Ospina from Colombia, Godfrey Reggio from the USA and José Luis Guerín from Spain who will held special conferences as well as some film related courses.

Six conferences will be held wit the following topics: The Documentary as a Social Transformation Agent; New Fronteers: Ways to Represent Reality; Media and Free Speech; Narrative Fronteers: Exploring Documentary Language; Author Documentary and Reality and Praxis of Documentary Production.

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