03 · 12 · 19

VIDEO: Rodrigo Prieto’s cinematography

Mexican cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto has been nominated for an Oscar twice. The first was for his work in Brokeback Mountain, by Ang Lee, in 2005 and the second for Silence, by Martin Scorsese, in 2017.

Prieto is renowned for its unique visual style and its use of mixed formats and lens changes, by resorting to compositions full of intense colors and grainy texture.

“The camera ‘lives’ with the characters, what happens to them and reacts with them, with what we seek to involve the viewer more with the story, putting it in half the situations,” Rodrigo Prieto.

Graduate of the Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica (CCC), the cinematographer began his career in student projects, which opened the doors to him to venture into the national cinema until arriving at Amores perros (2000), by Alejandro González Iñárritu, his first collaboration with the award-winning filmmaker This movie was followed by 21 grams (2003), Babel (2006), BAFTA nominee for Best Photography, and Biutiful (2010), all by González Iñárritu.

Among the directors with whom Rodrigo Prieto has worked are Spike Lee in La hora 25 (2002), Oliver Stone in Comandante (2003) and Alexander (2004), Pedro Almodóvar in Broken Embraces (2009), Ben Affleck in Argo ( 2012), among others.

Next, a video that collects some of the best images captured by Rodrigo Prieto throughout his career.

The Master Cinematography of Rodrigo Prieto from Saiful Rifat on Vimeo.