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Special Screening of Adrián González Camargo's EL ORIGEN DE LAS PRINCESAS at the 21st FICM

Pablo Rendón

As part of the special out-of-competition screenings of the 21st Morelia International Film Festival (FICM), El origen de las princesas, a film by Morelia-born director Adrián González Camargo, was shown at the auditorium of the Centro Cultural Universitario on Wednesday, October 25.

Tamara, the protagonist of the film, teaches her daughter Emilia about being a witch. However, Emilia dies in an accident, and Tamara has to find the chosen one to survive, otherwise, she will be the last of her kind. Finally, she finds Sebastián, a nurse at a psychiatric hospital.

Accompanied by producers Vladimir Aburto and Alberto Zúñiga, casting art director Rose Fefa, and the cast and crew, Adrián González Camargo said he was moved by the packed house: "Thank you so much for being here. It is overwhelming to see this room so full," he said.

El origen de las princesas

In the Q&A session after the screening, the audience asked the director about filming in Morelia, his homeland, to which he responded: "I wanted to make a series of tributes. I always wanted to pay homage to Scheherezade, the main character in The Thousand and One Nights; Andrei Tarkovsky's Stalker (1979); and to the city of Morelia, but in a non-touristy way. There are many things around Morelia, beyond the inside of a coffin," he added later. "The land calls and you never know where you're going to film: this is where this one happened to be."

El origen de las princesas will be screened again on Thursday, October 26 at 5:00 p.m. at the Teatro Emperador Caltzontin, as part of the FICM screenings to be held in the town of Pátzcuaro.