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Santo contra hombres infernales had an outdoor screening at the 15th FICM

The film Santo contra los hombres infernales (1961, dir. Joselito Rodríguez) was screened outdoors at the Benito Juárez Square with the presence of Daniela Michel, the director of the Morelia International Film Festival (FICM), Viviana García Besne, director of the Permanencia Voluntaria film archive, and restorer Peter Conheim.

"We are an archive that rescues popular cinema. With the earthquake in September, we suffered a lot of damage and we thought we would not continue with the project," Garcia Besne said of the only independent film archive in Mexico that specializes in the collection and preservation of popular Mexican movie films as well as other unique materials such as posters, documents and promotional items.

Función de El santo.

For his part, Peter Conheim said the film is still in the process of restoration because it requires a lot of time and money: "We are still working to improve it."

The film, according to García Besne, was filmed in Havana, Cuba, and was produced by his grandfather Jorge García Besne during the revolution.