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RUIDO: An Essay on Empathy at the 20th Edition of FICM

Laura García

Ruido (2021), directed by Natalia Beristain and distributed by Netflix, is a journey through sorority networks that tells the story of Julia, a mother who, after the disappearance of her daughter, becomes acquainted with the pain many Mexican women go through in a country full of injustice.

“How do you live when there is no possibility of mourning? The rite becomes important; knowing that your people are buried there and that you can return to that place. None of the families looking for their loved ones in this country has that possibility of closure, of mourning, which makes it impossible to inhabit reality,” Natalia reflected


This film, part of the Mexican Feature Film competition at the 20th FICM, is an act of rebellion and empathy that created a bond with groups such as Voz con Dignidad, present at the press conference, along with producer Karla Badillo and the cast, made up of Julieta Egurrola, Teresa Ruiz, and the director Natalia Beristain.

Ruido is a feature film that didn’t need casting. In this sense, what we see on the screen was achieved from a reality that exists in Mexico and the relationship that the production forged with many groups in the country. “They are not alone, we care about their pain because it is ours too. Yes, there is something political, without a doubt, but I also believe that cinema is political... Each film has a political undercurrent going through it,” Natalia pointed out.

Beristain also spoke about the role of men in this social struggle in the film: “There were fathers. There are very few, I insist, and the reasons are many., I didn't want to fall into the idea of good women and bad men, it's not like that. They also don't have the emotional tools,” the director said.

This feature film, which was previously awarded the Premio Cooperación Española by the San Sebastian Festival, represents the consolidation of her career. “I feel much more grounded as a director, I can now say without fear that I’m a director,” Beristain shared.