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Aguilar; Nicolás

He took the general cinematography course, specializing in directing and sound, at the CCC film school, Mexico City. He has worked as a sound designer in various films that have been shown at festivals and film forums throughout the world: Perro azul (2012), by Federico Zuvire, and Contrafábula de una niña disecada (2012), by Alejandro Iglesias, participatd in the 10th Morelia International Film Festival (FICM); La vida después (2013), by David Pablos, and La laguna encantada (2013), by Pablo Pérez Lombardini, participated in the 11th FICM; La Parka (2013), by Gabriel Serra, participated in the 11th FICM and was nominated for Best Short Documentary at the 87th Academy Awards Ceremony, United States; and Ella (2014), by Ximena Urrutia, participated in the 12th FICM. His short film Narcolepsia (2013) was selected for the 36th Cairo International Film Festival, Egypt. His short documentary Mi paraíso (2015) was part of the Official Selection of the 13th FICM.

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Our Perpertual Now

Our Perpertual Now

A man edits one last conversation in his memory in order to say goodbye to the woman he loved and lost.

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