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The Press Conference for EL PODEROSO VICTORIA, by Raúl Ramón, at the 20th FICM

Laura García

The production team of the film El Poderoso Victoria (2021) and part of the cast offered a press conference at the Rubén Romero Theater, at the 20th Morelia International Film Festival (FICM).

The conference was attended by the director and screenwriter Raúl Ramón; the producer Fabiola Velázquez, and the actors Damián Alcázar, Gerardo Oñate, Lorena de la Torre, Roberto Sosa, and Said Sandoval.

El Poderoso Victoria (2021, dir. Raúl Ramón) is an independent film that took 10 years to develop and was on the verge of not being made due to various mishaps, such as the death of the Mexican actor Fernando Luján, the protagonist, , in 2019. “The impossible only takes a little longer,” reflected Said Sandoval.

Poderoso Victoria

The feature film is, which is set in 1936 and is suitable for the whole family, tells the story of a young railway mechanic who, seeing his dream of becoming a train driver frustrated, decides to emigrate to the United States.

Raúl Ramón addresses issues such as migration and abandoning one’s family and roots in his screenplay. "I don't know what it is about people from Guadalajara but they write very beautiful stories," commented Fabiola Velázquez.

This space allowed us to reflect on the Mexican film industry, recognizing that trusts are becoming scarcer, which means commercial cinema eats up cultural projects.

Poderoso Victoria

The pros and cons of streaming platforms were also discussed. “On a platform like Netflix, Amazon or AppleTV, a movie is watched by millions of people in three days. With the cinema, on the other hand, if the number of tickets is not met in the first week, [the movie goes] is out. It's over,” said Damián Alcázar.

El Poderoso Victoria will arrive in theaters on November 24, so they invited people not to miss the opportunity to enjoy it in theaters. “The film is made to be seen on the big screen,” Alcázar concluded.