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2002 | Color | 4 min

The world is controlled from outside the frame. A remote control shapes your perception, as if an operating system were installed which allowed us to decifer our surroundings. A double reflection: on the one hand the counterpoint between the walkman, individual technology par excellence, confronted with a walk to San Lucas, Camotlán Mixes in the state of Oaxaca, one of the thousands of communities without an access road

Country: México
Direction: Varela; Bruno
Script: Varela; Bruno
Production: Rojas; Isabel
Photography: Varela; Bruno
Sound: Varela; Bruno
Art direction:
Participation year at FICM: 2003

Director Movies

Materia oscura

Materia oscura is an experimental exercise that is part of an excavation work on the 54,000 folios about the “Iguala Case” - divided into 85 volumes and 13 annexes - that were made public by the Attorney General of the Republic in 2015. The set of documents presented in PDF are unreadable, crossed out, photocopied, scanned and re-photocopied several times.

Until the disappearance is integrated into the document itself. The disappearance of the image. The disappearance of the text.

The generations of images dissolved to the point of losing their image condition. 

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Colosio Park

Imaginary archaeology of a park in the process of destruction and construction at the same time. Historical resonances that reverberate
in the collective memory to the repetitive rhythm of La Culebra. Many layers of history that synchronize the here and the now.

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An documentary that traces the outline of a person who disappeared. Ghosts marching in recognition of their absence; a hazy memory; a glimpse assembled from scraps of orphan material and analog videos. Disappearing in Mexico is a political act.

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