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2011 | Color | 19 min 0 seg

In a town nestled in the mountains of the State of Puebla, the community elects their local queen to represent them for a year. They choose a young woman from a good family, with a good reputation and liked by the locals. Who did they choose this year and why? What does her reign actually mean?

Country: México
Direction: Goded; Maya
Script: Goded; Maya
Production: Sosa; Martha
Photography: Goded; Maya
Sound: Hernández Montero; Miguel
Cast:Reyes Silva; Higinia, Edith Reyes Silva; Lucía, Mendoza Carrera; Familia, Mendoza Carrera; Elday, Magdalena Castillo Reyes; Maria, Pacheco Pacheco; Sarita
Art direction:
Participation year at FICM: 2011

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Ciudad isn’t a traditional portrait of a city; rather, the documentary offers a layered encounter with what emerges from within it. Carlos F. Rossini invites Maya Goded, Julio Hernández Cordón, and Nuria Ibáñez to co-direct an exploration of the gestures of Mexico City. The four directors choose their own unique starting points to immerse the viewer in an experience that presents a series of images—almost mirages— of this monumental metropolis.

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Plaza de la Soledad

Carmen, Lety, Raquel and Esther, who range from 50 to 80 years old, work the streets of La Merced in Mexico City, where life revolves around a town plaza. Age means nothing to these women, who still dance and seduce with the same energy they did in their youth. But with time comes a desire to seek out companionship and security, whether in the form of their fellow co-workers, older men, or their own deeply ingrained sense of self-reliance.

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