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2019 | Color | 09:45

Andrea and Joachim love each other. They dream of leaving and make a life together. The decisive night has come to both. She needs to tell him something, but he still has to make a last one job so they can begin a new journey.

Country: México
Direction: González-Camargo; Adrián
Script: González-Camargo; Adrián
Production: Fabián; Abraham, Zúñiga; Alberto, Aburto; Vladimir
Photography: Flores; Jesús, Flores Correa; César
Sound: Gerardo Guerrero; Luis, Alba M.; Jorge
Music: Alba M.; Jorge
Cast:Hernández; Sabrina, Chávez Vázquez; Leinés, Ávalos; Tsanda Janini, Robles; Ricardo
Art direction: Ballesteros; Martha
Participation year at FICM: 2019

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