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2010 | Color | 111min

Based on Posy Simmond’s graphic novel, the romantic comedy tells the story of a young journalist who lives in London and returns to her hometown in the countryside. With the help of plastic surgery, Tamara, once an ugly ducking, is now a devastating beauty who soon must contend with infatuations, jealousies and  love affairs. She attracts very different men — from a rock star to a well-built rancher.

Country: Reino Unido
Direction: Frears; Stephen
Script: Buffini; Moira
Production: Seward; Tracey, Trijbits; Paul, Owen; Alison
Photography: Davis; Ben
Sound: Glenton; James
Music: Desplat; Alexandre
Cast:Arterton; Gemma, Allam; Roger, Camp; Bill, Cooper; Dominic, Evans; Luke
Participation year at FICM: 2010

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