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2021 | Color | 24:13

To the East of Mexico City, three people have decided to break the stereotypes set by the society and build a new reality; where love, solidarity and dance are the axes.

Country: México
Direction: Aguilar Pradal; Emilio
Script: Aguilar Pradal; Emilio
Production: Lojero; Antonio, Aguilar; Jorge, Linares; Angel
Photography: Linares; Jorge
Sound: Touron; Daniel
Music: Almaraz ; Tulio, Piña; Maya
Cast:Figueroa; Lourdes, Serralde; Victor, Yañez; José Alfredo
Art direction:
Participation year at FICM: 2021

Director Movies

Los desposeídos

Edilberto Primitivo and Javier Audirac both share similar ways of life but in very different environments. The first one lives on a remote beach in Veracruz, the second on the outskirts of noisy Mexico City. In this way, they have kept themselves isolated from social liaisons and built a lifestyle in spite of their ideological and formative differences, in which society becomes very insignificant to them and day-to-day life alone gains a unique meaning.

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