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Tan cerca de las nubes
2023 | Color | 95:00

In 1971, a group of young Mexican female football players summoned more than 110,000 spectators at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City for the final match of the Second Women's Football World Cup. This documentary aims to recover their exceptional but forgotten story.

Country: México
Direction: Cañibe; Manuel
Script: Cañibe; Manuel
Production: Espinosa; Hugo, Cañibe; Manuel, Berrón; Laura, Cañibe; Christian, Nacif; José
Photography: Villamil; Jessica
Sound: Fernández Murguía; Pablo , Campmany; Adria
Music: Uboldi; Camilla
Cast:Zaragoza; Silvia, Chávez; Irma, Tapia; Sandra, Ramírez; Yolanda, Aracén; Elvira, Hernández; Patricia, Hernández; María de la Luz, de la Rosa; Lourdes, Quintero; Manelich, Coronado; Martha, Vargas; Alicia, Schiavo; Elena, Rubio; María Eugenia
Participation year at FICM: 2023

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