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2005 | Color | 90 min

When Karina, Diego´s daughter from his first marriage, enters his life in search of acceptance, he finds himself caught between her and a jealous wife. An astonishing climax will lead Diego to act as never before

Country: México, Francia
Direction: Escalante; Amat
Script: Escalante; Amat
Production: Reygadas; Carlos, Escalante; Amat, Romandía; Jaime
Photography: T. Fenton; Alex
Sound: Locatelli; Raúl
Cast:Recio Dávila; Cirilo, Orozco; Claudia, Preciado; Martha, Saldaña Quintero; Laura
Art direction:
Participation year at FICM: 2005

Director Movies

The Untamed

Alejandra is a working housewife, raising two boys with husband Angel in a small city. Her brother Fabian works as a nurse in a local hospital. Their provincial lives are upset with the arrival of mysterious Veronica. Sex and love can be fragile in certain regions where strong family values, hypocrisy, homophobia, and male chauvinism exist. Veronica convinces them that in the nearby woods, inside an isolated cabin, dwells something not of this world that could be the answer to all of their problems.

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14-year-old Ana is seduced by Sam, who—along with his mother and others—deceive and blackmail Ana into the world of prostitution. Finding herself a prisoner in a human trafficking ring, Ana escapes, fleeing down the city streets. Sam is hot on her trail, until he is arrested by police.

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Estela is a 12-year-old girl who has just fallen in love with a young police cadet. He wants to run away with her and get married. Trying to achieve this dream, her family will have to experience the violence that is devastating the region

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