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2009 | Color | 59 min

Every day, thousands of poor, young indigenous Mexicans abandon their homes in communities throughout the country. Whole villages are left empty except for the elderly and the very young, as these migrants leave their families and their culture to journey to the First World in search of jobs and a brighter future or just any economic future at all.

Country: México, Estados Unidos
Direction: Cruz; Yolanda
Production: Cruz; Carlos Ignacio, Cruz; Yolanda
Photography: Simmons; John, Asc;
Music: Chang; Garron, Downs; Lila, Estrada; Gloria, Noesis, Serbulo; Juan Carlos, La Santa Cecilia;
Participation year at FICM: 2011

Director Movies

Hope, Soledad

Two women at an emotional crossroads meet by chance on a pilgrimage to Juquila, Oax. Hope, a college student, tries to find a sense of self in her mother’s land after being displaced from her home in the U.S. Soledad struggles to free herself from the ghost of her deceased lover and end her relationship with a husband who lives in the U.S. Together, the two women walk in communion with local pilgrims as they seek to ease their personal suffering.

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Silveria's Lessons

This is the story of a Zapotec girl who pays a price for her mischief. Filmed on Zapotec land, this short film takes the audience into the lives of a traditional native community and shows how some childhood antics are universal. 

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The Watch

Like every Sunday morning, a Zapotec grandfather comes to the city of Oaxaca to visit his granddaughter for a day. Their ritual consists of attending mass and window-shopping throughout the city, but on this particular Sunday, things take a different turn when they pass by a stand selling watches.


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