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2014 | Color | 06:00

A homeless drunk man and his loyal dog live under a bridge. One day, a big storm comes and changes their destiny. Animated over the pages of 40 old books, Bounce Back is an experimental animation project based on the poem by Hélène Matte.

Country: México
Direction: Menchaca; Nuria
Script: Isaac; Carlos, Menchaca; Nuria
Production: Isaac; Carlos
Photography: Isaac; Carlos, Márquez; David, Barco; Aníbal
Sound: Hernández; Adolfo
Music: Higareda; Joselo
Cast:González; Jacinto, Menchaca Torres; Arturo, Olvera; Emiliano, Matte; Hélène
Art direction: Menchaca; Nuria
Participation year at FICM: 2015

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A character made out of clay comes to life thanks to the intervention of a creator, although surviving a drought alone won't be easy.

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